M.S. in Data Science with Specialization in Hospitality Data Analytics 2017-06-07T11:19:22+00:00

M.S. in Data Science – Specialization in Hospitality Data Analytics

With courses in decision sciences, customer experience design and behavior analysis, revenue optimization, travel and tourism analysis, and predictive modeling, students will be prepared to investigate and report demand factors, design data- driven strategies and improve operational efficiencies.

Required Courses

Core Requirements – 30 Credits

Course Number Course Name Credits
 CAP 5768 Introduction to Data Science 3
CAP 5771 (or COP 5577) Principles of Data Mining 3
STA 6244 Data Analysis I 3
STA 6247 Data Analysis II 3
 HMG 6584 Data Science in Hospitality 3
 HMG 6585 Customer Experience Design & Behavior Analysis 3
 HMG 6455 Revenue Optimization Science 3
 HMG 6707 Travel and Tourism Data Analysis 3
CS Course Elective CAP 5610 – Introduction to Machine Learning
CAP 5738 – Data Visualization
CIS 5732 – Fundamentals of Computer Security
 IDC 6940 Data Science Capstone 3

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