Executive Master of Science


Fully online study is available for qualified students interested in the Executive Master of Science in Hospitality Management. Both the online and on site curriculum is provided in an accelerated 10-month format. A corporate scholarship program is available for employers who qualify.

Admission Requirements

Industry Experience
A minimum of five years of hospitality-related management experience or hospitality-related educator (instructor) experience is required for acceptance into this track. Additionally, applicants are required to currently hold a management position in the hospitality or tourism industry, or an instructional position in the field of hospitality or tourism education.

Education Experience
A four-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution is required.

Required Courses

Course Number Course Name Credits
HMG 5/6XXX Hospitality Elective 3
HMG 6257 Contemporary Global Issues in the Hospitality Industry 3
HMG 6477 Financial Management 3
HMG 6697 Hospitality Law Seminar 3
HMG 6466 Revenue Management
Pre-requisite: HMG 6477,  Must be taken during third to last semester
HMG 6596 Marketing Management 3
HMG 6280 Globalization and Competitive Methods of Multinational Hospitality Companies 3


Choose one of the following:

HMG 6225 Multicultural Human Resources Management
Only offered on site
HMG 6246 Organizational Behavior in the Hospitality Industry 3


Choose one of the following:

HMG 6478 Restaurant Development
Pre-requisite: HMG 6477, Only offered on site
HMG  6476 Feasibility Studies
Pre-requisite: HMG 6477


Course to be taken toward the end of the curriculum:

HMG 6296 Strategic Management
Pre-requisite: HMG 6477, Must be taken during final semester