RO2Win Launched: Revenue Optimization E-Course

The Institute for Hospitality & Tourism Education & Research (IHTER) at FIU and the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) have announced RO2Win, an online revenue optimization course for hospitality professionals, that trains a team to optimize every opportunity to increase hotel revenue. RO2Win presents concepts and tactics in an innovative and engaging format, using animations and in-depth interviews with experts. From sales and marketing to the on-property guest experience, RO2Win teaches each and every team member the power of revenue optimization, cross selling and upselling. "This program is the result of a very unique partnership between FIU and HSMAI, and it was developed to fill a critical need in the industry. Revenue optimization is everyone’s business, but in too many instances potential revenue-generating opportunities are overlooked,” said Mike Hampton, dean of FIU's Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management. The multimedia online course engages participants with the essential concepts of revenue optimization and demonstrates how everyone in a hotel contributes to profitability. It can help anyone in sales and marketing obtain a better understanding of the fundamentals of revenue management. RO2Win can help hotel companies develop their revenue management pipeline, inexpensively introducing high-performing individuals, managers-in-training, or department heads to the fundamentals of revenue optimization in a self-paced, affordable program that can be used before, during or after other development programs. “Revenue optimization has been one of the biggest areas where people have asked for additional training opportunities, so this online tool was built with that in mind. This class will help everyone on your staff understand how they contribute to the bottom line,” added Fran Brasseux, executive vice president of HSMAI. The RO2Win certificate course consists of five online modules and a simulation, [...]

Hospitality Professor Joins Researchers to Examine Attitudes Toward Genetically Modified Crops in New Study

Chaplin School professor Dr. Miranda Kitterlin, in collaboration with a global team of researchers, has recently published a study analyzing the predictors that influence agricultural experts’ attitudes toward the development of and policies related to genetically modified (GM) crops. Major findings in the study, entitled Attitudes of Agricultural Experts Toward Genetically Modified Crops: A Case Study in Southwest Iran, indicated that agricultural experts were aware of the environmental benefits and possible risks associated with GM crops. The majority of participants agreed that GM crops could improve food security and accelerate rural development, and were proponents of labeling practices for GM crops. Finally, there was a positive correlation between the perception of benefits and attitudes towards GM crops. With the growing popularity of GM crop production around the world, it is vital to have an understanding of the attitudes of all parties involved, as this trend will certainly impact food service operations, a sector that makes up a significant portion of the hospitality and tourism industry. The study was published in the June 2015 issue of the Science and Engineering Ethics multidisciplinary journal. Learn More

RECAP: 2015 Revenue Management Conference Recap

The third annual revenue management conference, Revenue Management and Your Hotel in 2020 – The Complete Picture, presented by the Institute for Hospitality & Tourism Education & Research, took place on Friday, May 15 at FIU's Kovens Conference Center.

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