Chaplin School receives USDA grant for research in food safety

Dr. Aaron Welch and Dr. Miguel Alonso Jr., along with Associate Professor John Berry from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, received a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture to investigate risk factors for certain types of toxins in US based wines. The project aims to develop a machine learning system that will help predict contamination in not only wines, but across an even wider range of agricultural commodities. Among its research projects, the Chaplin School is currently developing yeast to produce biofuels more efficiently from agricultural waste. A by-product of this study focuses on understanding yeast fatty acid metabolism at a cellular level, which may help to better understand human obesity. *Photo caption: Dr. Aaron Welch conducts research in the hospitality biology lab.

NSMH organizes hygiene drive, raises funds for women and children in Miami

Members of FIU’s chapter of the National Society of Minorities in Hospitality leveraged their connections with the hospitality industry and professors to organize a hygiene drive, raising funds and collecting hygiene products for the Miami Rescue Mission Center for Women and Children. NSMH President, Milagros Munoz, along with Vice President Tamera Thompson and Events Director Darlin Lorenzo, pulled the drive together and spent a day at the shelter, meeting with the women and children and volunteering to help out for the day. “The hospitality industry played a huge role in helping us provide hygiene products for the shelter,” said Thompson. “There’s a real sense of responsibility to give back to our local community, especially when hotels have the means to produce hundreds of hygiene products daily to stock rooms, why not help families and individuals in need?" The Miami Rescue Mission’s Center for Women and Children helps homeless women and children by providing overnight shelter, as well as a long-term recovery program. The group plans to continue the work they started with the Miami Rescue Mission by organizing more drives in the future, and volunteering their time in the food kitchen. For more information about the National Society of Minorities in Hospitality and how you can get invloved with the FIU chapter, contact For more information about the Miami Rescue Mission’s Center for Women and Children, visit  

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and Lodging Practices

By DR. NANCY SCANLON While the UN SDG's seek to protect the planet and global population, they in turn protect the industries that depend on; the integrity of resources such as food supply and water, the health of local populations for a work force and the climate related conditions of destinations. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, the total travel and tourism economic contribution globally in 2015 was more than $7 trillion dollars in GDP representing 9.8% of total GDP and employed 284 million people. The International Tourism Partnership (ITP) represents a membership of over 12 global lodging companies. "Working with the worlds' leading hotel groups for the past 25 years, producing resources and supporting them to drive greater sustainability throughout the industry. ITP is in the process of setting goals for the future; focusing on our contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in four key issues of carbon, water, youth unemployment and human rights. The ITP goals will be launched in June 2017." noted Fran Hughes, Director, International Tourism Partnership. The American Hotel and Lodging Association represents 24,000 hotel members in the United States and is currently working to create sustainability resources to assist member hotel companies in implementing many of the UN SDG's. The largest global lodging companies, American Hotel and Lodging Association members Marriott-Starwood, Wyndham Worldwide, Hilton International, InterContinental Hotels Group and Accor, are working along with other member hotel companies to implement the 17 SDG's in the operations of their lodging properties. Wyndham Worldwide's global footprint includes 7,410 hotels and 190 timeshare resorts. Since 2006 Wyndham Worldwide has focused on sustainability practices throughout the company through their sustainability program Wyndham Green. The financial success of these [...]

Hospitality Trends for 2017: Knowing Makes a Difference

Student rate now available! Students pay only $15 for attendance and $5 for parking, if needed. (General admission is $50) September 20, 2017 – 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. View the event page. This workshop will update hospitality professionals of current trends that will help you maximize your organization’s opportunities for the years ahead. Topics Covered Growth & Future Products & Characteristics Market Statistics, Analysis & Revenue Management Trends in Technology Leadership & Supervision Importance of Training in the Hospitality Industry Skills, Competition & Turnover Customer Service & Guest Satisfaction Sectors & Services of the Hospitality Industry Sustainability & Social Responsibility Challenges of the Hospitality Industry Case Study & Research What is Tourism Management? INSTRUCTORS: Carmen E. Beltran, Director; Marriott International David Mammina, Human Resources Manager; Loews Miami Beach Antoni Yelamos, Director of Hospitality; Streetsense Dale Gomez, Director, Information Technology; FIU Fabio Scaglione, Manager, Food & Beverage Strategy; Celebrity Cruises Inc. John D. Buschman, Adjunct Instructor; FIU

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