In recognition of their academic achievement, the CSHTM Scholarship Committee would like to congratulate all students who received a scholarship during the 2016-2017 school year!

Scholarships awarded included:

·          Adel Debs

·          A. G. Marshall

·          Chef Ken Perry

·          Dean Gerald Lattin

·          Interval International

·          International Wine and Food Society & Foundation

·          John W. Kluge

·          Loews Miami Beach

·          Marriott Foundation

·          Marvin & Maxine Himmel

·          Metromedia

·          Michael E. Hurst

·          Ocean Waters

·          Reward Network/ Frank Schmeyer

·          Ruby Tuesday

Thank you to all our donors for their generous contributions and continued support in helping to make these scholarships possible.

*Top photo caption (Left to right): Dean Mohammad Qureshi, Juan Tamayo, Deysi Garcia, Aziza Mustafa, Jamie Chen, Hua Rong, Yingzi Zhang, Ryan Caporelli, and Kenia Taylor.