Dr. Michael Cheng, Dr. Mark Traynor & Dr. Imran Ahmed have been awarded a second Cochran Fellowship grant for 2016, which supports international exchange in food studies.

As part of the program, the Chaplin School will host eight international guests from Mexico and the Dominican Republic from August 1 to August 14. They will receive training in Post Harvest Loss and Food Systems Management, and take trips to two of the largest ports in Florida – Port Everglades and Port Tampa Bay.

In May of this year, the first round of Cochran Fellows – 17 gastronomy and agriculture professionals from Colombia – visited the Chaplin School to gain an understanding of U.S. cuisine and techniques used.

Update: The USDA Cochran Fellowship Program has funded three grants to the Chaplin school over the last year totaling $349,000 to train gastronomy and agriculture professionals from Central and South America in U.S. cuisine, school lunches and agriculture techniques, and to promote trade between the U.S. and other developing countries.