After the Spring 2014 semester, professors David Talty and Nestor Portocarrero (center) will bid farewell to the Chaplin School and enter retirement. Combined, the professors have dedicated over 50 years of teaching, mentoring, and supporting students embarking on careers in hospitality. At a quiet reception earlier this month, deans Mike Hampton (second left), Randall Upchurch (left), Mohammad Qureshi (second right), and Rocco Angelo (right) were present to acknowledge the professors’ academic efforts and years of dedication to the School.

David Talty has taught at FIU since 1989 and was instrumental in formulating the School’s restaurant management curriculum and internship programs for both the undergraduate and graduate programs. He came to the School with extensive an resume of experience in developing and operating restaurant properties and has been a consultant to the foodservice industry. “The impact of David’s efforts is immeasurable in terms of preparing Chaplin School candidates to be critical thinkers, reflective individuals, professional in demeanor, and leaders in their own right,” said Dean Randall Upchurch.

Since 1981, Nestor Portocarrero has taught Accounting and Finance at FIU. During his time at the University, he has received numerous awards and honors including an award for excellence in teaching, two Teaching Incentive Program awards from the Florida Board of Regents, an award for Excellence in Service, and was recognized by alumni as the professor who contributed the most to the academic growth of students at the Chaplin School. “Nestor was also pivotal in developing the School’s student learning outcome process. The net result of his efforts is a system that helps faculty and administration track program learning outcomes which are so critical to our School in producing graduates who are ready to start their careers,” said Dean Randall Upchurch.

With decades of service behind them, the efforts of professors Talty and Portocarrero in developing internship programs and inspiring students continue to play a significant role in positioning the School as a leader in producing top-notch graduates in hospitality and an impressive array of alumni in the industry. Though they will be missed, their impact will continue to endure.