Hospitality Real Estate Development & Revenue Management specializations now available for online master’s degree

Florida International University’s Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management has added new specializations in revenue management and hospitality real estate development to its 12-month online Master of Science in Hospitality Management degree.

The Chaplin School’s graduate program prepares students with a comprehensive core curriculum covering key areas of the industry, including law, finance, management and marketing. The introduction of the new specializations reflects increasing industry demand for students with focused knowledge and a solid foundation in the business of hospitality.

“Students who aspire to follow a career path in these growing fields will now be positioned for greater opportunities. Employers will find them prepared to hit the ground running after graduation. It also reflects a commitment to the school’s core vision to become a leading global resource for creating and cultivating innovative management talent and solutions for the hospitality and tourism industry,” said Mike Hampton, dean of the Chaplin School.

The new specializations are:

  • Hospitality Real Estate Development

Students will learn to bridge the gap between development and real estate to accomplish a company’s expansion goals. They will be prepared to become an integral part of teams focused on research, analysis, site selection and development.

  • Revenue Management

As critical thinkers and strategists with the goal of maximizing revenue, students in this specialization will sharpen their data-gathering, analytical and decision-making skills. Using advanced techniques and modern tools, they will be prepared to devise comprehensive, company-wide revenue management strategies.

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