Marriott Tianjin China Program

Enhance your resume with international experience in Asia

The Marriott Tianjin China Program is an undergraduate dual-degree program in Hospitality Management, which has been approved by China’s Ministry of Education (Approval Code: MOE12US2A20040205O). Students will complete a full semester at the FIU program located on the campus of Tianjin University of Commerce in Tianjin, the sixth-largest city in China and the seaport for the capital, Beijing.

Students taking classes on the Tianjin University of Commerce campus follow the same curriculum taught at the Chaplin School in the U.S. Students must adhere to the same academic requirements for graduation.

Experience international hospitality and tourism firsthand as you earn an undergraduate degree and learn the industry in China. This opportunity is available to all FIU students. Transfer students are encouraged to complete their first year in China, then return to Miami for their senior year.

Program at a glance

  • Available in Fall and Spring
  • Classes are taught in English
  • Hospitality management majors take classes toward their degree
  • Non-Hospitality Management majors can earn a minor in International Hospitality Studies in one semester
  • All students enrolled in the Tianjin Program pay in-state tuition
  • Students are able to use FIU financial aid
  • Earn a Get AHEAD certificate after taking at least three classes in China
  • Paying for school

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Location in China
Marriott Tianjin China Program
Tianjin University of Commerce
No. 409 Guangrong Rd.
Beichen District, Tianjin, 300134

Program facts

  • 2006Began in September 2006
  • #1FIU’s largest program in China
  • 1000Current enrollment stands at more than 1,000 students
  • 6thTianjin is the sixth largest city in China
“I participated in the program in Fall 2019, and it was life-changing! Not only do you get to explore amazing sites, but you meet such wonderful people. The staff are accommodating, the campus is huge, and you never know what you can learn – just like I learned to ride a bike for the first time in China.”

Sasha John, B.S. ’20

Life on campus

The Tianjin campus is located on 80 acres with more than 450,000 square feet of air-conditioned space, including a 20-story dormitory tower that can accommodate 2,000 students, state-of-the-art instructional technology, teaching laboratories, and student common areas. Students frequently provide professional services to national and international events.