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See the World, Change Your Life

Students at the Chaplin School have the opportunity to study abroad in just about any of the growing and major markets in the world. Absorb yourself in different cultures and increase global awareness and employability domestically and abroad.

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Marriott Tianjin China Program

Available Fall 2018 (August 20 – December 8, 2018) & Spring 2019 (January 4 – May 6, 2019)

About This Program

Study Hospitality Management in China! The Marriott Tianjin China Program is a cooperative venture between FIU and Tianjin University of Commerce (TUC). Students will complete a full semester at the FIU Center located on the campus of TUC in Tianjin, China. All courses are FIU courses taught in English. Students pay FIU in-state tuition rates for their study abroad courses and may use their FIU financial aid. Non-Hospitality Management majors may complete a minor in International Hospitality Studies in just one semester. Click here to apply

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Program Director – Ms. Dawn Fagnan


Hospitality at Sea – Winter Edition

December 7 – 22, 2018

15-Day Cruise to Chile through the Panama Canal

Winter in Miami means Summer in South America. Earn 3.0 credits while cruising on NCL’s “Norwegian Star” from Miami to Santiago, Chile, with port stops in Santa Marta (Colombia), Cartagena (Colombia), through the Panama Canal, then Manta (Ecuador), Trujillo (Peru), Lima (Peru), Arica (Chile), Coquimbo (Chile) and Santiago (Chile).

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Program Director – Prof. John Thomas

Costa Rica Pure Vida – Sustainable Tourism

December 11 – 19, 2018

About This Program

FIU’s study abroad experience in Costa Rica offers the opportunity to apply sustainable tourism theory to practice. Go beyond the typical tourism experience with back-of-the-house tours of certified sustainable lodging facilities. Tour an organic coffee plantation, experience the thrill of whitewater rafting, visit a local school, relax at blue flag certified beach and spend time with local families while learning how they are trying to benefit from tourism.

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Program Director – Prof. Diana Beltran

International Student Exchange

With the International Student Exchange (ISE) Program, you can attend any one of our partner schools throughout the world. The ISE offers you true immersion, since you’ll be living and studying in your host country for the Fall or Spring semester, or both!  You pay your FIU tuition for ISE, which means any scholarships or financial aid that you receive can go towards your study abroad experience. To learn more, click here (select the “International Student Exchange” tab). Options include:

Taylor’s University (Malaysia)

University of Canberra (Australia)

Other Study Abroad Opportunities

Students can choose to participate in a non-FIU or outside study abroad program. These third-party programs are not offered by FIU. It could mean direct enrolling in a foreign institution, participating in a program through a different US university, or participating in a 3rd party provider program. If you are interested in participating in a third-party program, you must apply through the Office of Study Abroad to have your program reviewed for approval to count here at FIU.  For additional information, click here. Options include:

Apicius International School of Hospitality (Italy)

Hong Kong University (Hong Kong)

Kedge Business School (France)

Taylor’s University (Malaysia)

More Info

Earn an undergraduate degree in Hospitality Management and get a global experience in Tianjin, China. Students in China follow the same curriculum taught in U.S. classrooms. The Marriott Tianjin China Program is available in the fall and spring semesters.

The opportunity to study hospitality management for one year in China is available to all FIU students. New transfer students are encouraged to complete their first year at FIU in China and return to Miami for their senior year.

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Study abroad participants may earn A Hospitality Education Abroad Designation (AHEAD) by completing at least nine (9) credits during one or more Chaplin School study abroad programs.

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One year in China. Learn hospitality and tourism management abroad


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