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See the World, Change Your Life

Students at the Chaplin School have the opportunity to study abroad in just about any of the growing and major markets in the world. Absorb yourself in different cultures and increase global awareness and employability domestically and abroad.

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Earn an undergraduate degree in Hospitality Management and get a global experience in Tianjin, China. Students in China follow the same curriculum taught in U.S. classrooms. The Marriott Tianjin China Program is available in the fall and spring semesters.

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The opportunity to study hospitality management for one year in China is available to all FIU students. New transfer students are encouraged to complete their first year at FIU in China and return to Miami for their senior year.

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Students may participate in an International Student Exchange (ISE) Program to attend a partner university for one semester or a full year. The Chaplin School’s featured international exchange partnerships include:

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Study abroad participants may earn A Hospitality Education Abroad Designation (AHEAD) by completing at least nine (9) credits during one or more Chaplin School study abroad programs.

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One year in China. Learn hospitality and tourism management abroad


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