M.S. in Hospitality Management – Specialization in Mega Events

Mega-Events, defined here as events with more than 10,000 attendees, are becoming more common, with attendance at programs growing on average 22% in the last ten years. Larger events are inherently more complicated, requiring additional security and facility concerns, as well as presenting greater budgetary and marketing pressures. Such considerations are not typically addressed in most event management educational programs, but are the specific focus of this master’s program. This program has been developed for those who have mastered the basics of event management and are now looking to prepare themselves for their next step in their career development. Courses focus on festivals, trade shows, major conventions, sports events, and concerts. Students without prior event experience or event management education will need to complete specified prerequisite preparation before taking the advanced event courses.

Required Courses

Core Requirements – 33 Credits

Course Number Course Name Credits
HMG 6257 Industry Research Analysis 3
HMG 6446 Hospitality Enterprise Technology 3
HMG 6477 Accounting & Financial Management 3
HMG 6697 Hospitality Law Seminar 3
HMG 6280
Global Issues in Hospitality & Tourism 3
HMG 6296
Strategic Management 3
HMG 6946
Graduate Internship 3
HMG 6001 Event Feasibility 3
HMG 6500 Event Marketing and Sponsorship 3
HMG 6630 Event Safety & Security Planning 3
HMG 6200 Mega Events Management 3

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Program at a Glance
  • 33 credits
  • $2,250 per course
  • 12-month program
  • Fully online

10-Month Executive M.S. in Hospitality Management

Individuals with at least five years of documented managerial experience in the industry can apply for the Executive M.S. in Hospitality Management.


For Military/Veterans, Employees, and Alumni

FIU graduates, members of the U.S. military, and veterans qualify for a $3,000 scholarship toward tuition. Corporate sponsorship is also available for employees who qualify.

Paying for School

View requirements and deadlines for internal and external scholarships and assistantships available to graduate students pursuing a degree in Hospitality Management.