Some of the School’s noteworthy highlights since its opening in 1972

  • Early 1971

    Early 1971

    In early 1971, the then Associate Dean of Cornell Hospitality program, Gerry Lattin was hired to lead the School of Hotel, Food and Travel Services at the new and not yet built, first state university in Miami, Florida – Florida International University. This decision would impact the future of the School for years to come.

  • Fall 1971

    Fall 1971

    In the fall of 1971, Dean Gerry Lattin moved to Miami and began designing a curriculum, hiring faculty and staff and recruiting students. This effort was based on two fundamental principles: industry-oriented faculty with executive experience and required academic credentials, as well as a School’s scope that would be local, statewide and international. Students were recruited from Florida, across the country, and around the world.

  • Early 1972

    Early 1972

    In early 1972, Anthony G. Marshall was hired as Assistant Dean but later would be promoted to Associate Dean. Among the founding faculty was Mike Hurst, a restaurateur who had moved to Ft. Lauderdale to open the New River Storehouse restaurant and the Marina Bay Club. He was responsible for shaping the restaurant management curriculum. In his 27 years at FIU, he taught over 6,000 students and was a mentor to many of them. He served as Director and President of the National Restaurant Association.

  • Fall 1972

    Fall 1972

    In the fall of 1972, the University and the School opened with upper level and graduate programs. Appropriate for Miami, the first faculty meeting was held around the swimming pool of the Lattin home.

  • Spring 1973

    Spring 1973

    In 1973, a Master of Science in Hotel and Food Service Management degree was added. That same year, the first graduation was held at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach. The first graduating class had 25 students.

  • 1978 Naming

    1978 Naming

    In 1978, the School’s name was changed to Hospitality Management. In that same year, the Board of Regents of the State of Florida designated the School as a Program of Distinction. This honor enabled adding additional notable faculty, including distinguished author and educator Lendal Kotschevar and the former Executive Vice President of the National Restaurant Association, Donald Greenway. Front row: Ted White, Rocco Angelo, Steven Moll, Irving Sicherman, Elisa Moncarz, Leonard Berkowitz, Fritz Hagenmeyer, Tony Marshall. Back row: Percival Darby, Dennis Marzella, David Grier, Phillip Parrott, Lendal Kotschevar, William Morgan, Richard Huse, Mike Hurst.

  • Tony Marshall 1982

    Tony Marshall 1982

    When Dean Gerry Lattin retired in 1982, Tony Marshall was appointed Dean of the School and he immediately appointed Rocco Angelo to be Associate Dean.

  • FIU Hospitality Review 1983

    FIU Hospitality Review 1983

    In 1983, the first edition of the FIU Hospitality Review was published. This new hospitality journal became a pillar of academic rigor for FIU. As one of the early entrants into the realm of academic publishing that focused on hospitality, the FIU Hospitality Review was ranked as one of the top hospitality academic journals in several published studies.

  • Summer 1989

    Summer 1989

    In the Summer of 1989, the School of Hospitality Management relocated from the University Park Campus–presently known as Modesto Maidique Campus (“MMC”) – to the North Miami Campus–presently known as  Biscayne Bay Campus (“BBC”). The School was housed in its own building located alongside Biscayne Bay with three floors of offices, labs and classrooms.

  • SOBEWFF 1997

    SOBEWFF 1997

    Since 1997, the School co-sponsored the annual Florida Extravaganza (later renamed South Beach Wine and Food Festival “SOBEWFF®”) which has become the nation’s largest wine and food event. It has served as the signature fund raising event for the School and featured hundreds of wine makers and spirits manufacturers. Hosted by Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits of America and FIU, the Festival benefits the Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management. Since its inception, more than $28 million has been raised in support of scholarships, state-of-the-art learning facilities and more at the school. In addition, the Festival annually presents a unique opportunity for more than 1,000 student volunteers to gain experience in the field of hospitality as well as networking with industry leaders.

  • 1998 – Southern Wine & Spirits

    1998 – Southern Wine & Spirits

    In 1998, the Southern Wine & Spirits Beverage Management Center was built to cater to the students. The lab creates the ideal setting for a blind taste test, the goal of which is to teach students to identify a wine’s origin, age and composition just by its smell, taste and other qualities.    

  • Joseph J. West 1999

    Joseph J. West 1999

    In July 1999, Joseph J. West was appointed the School’s third Dean, bringing a new chapter in the growth and development of the School.

  • Switzerland 2000

    Switzerland 2000

    On January 10, 2000, the school began offering courses in Luzerne, Switzerland, in partnership with DCT hotel school, leading to a degree in Hospitality Management.

  • Tianjin, China 2006

    Tianjin, China 2006

    In August 2006, FIU unveiled the first American hospitality and tourism school in Tianjin, China. The Marriott Tianjin China Program is FIU’s largest international program, with a capacity for up to 1,200 students. The government of the People’s Republic of China selected Florida International University from a group of hospitality schools in the U.S. and Europe as its partner in establishing a hospitality and tourism campus in Tianjin, the fourth largest city in China. The $100 million center, which was fully funded by the Chinese government, sat on 80 acres of land and contains more than 450,000 square feet of space, including a dormitory tower 20 stories high, which can accommodate 1,200 students.

  • Mike Hampton 2010

    Mike Hampton 2010

    In 2010, Michael Hampton was appointed the fourth dean of FIU School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, creating new sources of growth and development for the School with the expansion of the China program, the development of the real estate finance program and many other projects.

  • Chaplin 2011

    Chaplin 2011

    In 2011, the School was renamed the Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management in honor of the Chaplin family. The naming recognizes the commitment of Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits and the Chaplin family as passionate supporters of FIU’s hospitality and tourism education. In doing so, the goal was to continue providing cutting-edge management education for students who intend to pursue careers in the hospitality and tourism industries.

  • 2014 – Wine Spectator Restaurant Management Laboratory

    2014 – Wine Spectator Restaurant Management Laboratory

    2014 marked the completion of the state-of-the-art Wine Spectator Restaurant Management Laboratory, including the Badia Spices Food Production Laboratory and the Brew Science Laboratory, all funded with proceeds from the Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival.

  • Carnival Mentor Day

  • Chaplin Dedication

    Chaplin Dedication

    Chaplin family was honored for the decades of support they’ve offered FIU with the dedication of a wall in their name at the Chaplin School.

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