Why Hire Chaplin Students

With the help of partners in the hospitality and tourism industry, the Chaplin School’s dedicated career services team is able to provide a wide-range of services to students and alumni.

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Six Strategic Majors

The curriculum at the Chaplin School prepares students to work in a variety of hospitality settings. With six majors to choose from, students study is focused on the most relevant topics in the industry.

Hospitality Management Major Courses

  • Wine Technology, Merchandising, and Marketing
  • Beverage Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Brewing Science
  • The Business of Wine
  • Advanced Food Production Management
  • Culinary Event Management
  • International Cuisine
  • Culinary Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Planning Meetings and Conventions
  • Convention & Trade Show Management
  • Expositions and Events Management
  • Advanced Events Management
  • Hospitality Property Management
  • Managing Service Organizations
  • Hotel Management Seminar
  • Group Business Sales and Services
  • Purchasing and Menu Planning
  • Management for Foodservice Industry Segments
  • Foodservice Systems Development
  • Foodservice Trends and Challenges
  • International Travel and Tourism
  • Sustainable Tourism Practices
  • Tour Production and Distribution
  • Tourism Destination Marketing

Diverse Student Body

Students at the Chaplin School come from over 70 countries. With them come diverse perspectives and culture that enrich the academic experience and student life.

Total Enrollment 1,979
Domestic: 65%
International: 35%
Male: 32%
Female: 68%
Total Enrollment 331
Domestic: 34%
International: 66%
Male: 27%
Female: 73%

Based on Fall 2014 enrollment data.

Ways Employers Can Get Involved

With the help of partners in the hospitality and tourism industry, the Chaplin School’s dedicated career services team is able to provide a wide range of services to students and alumni.

  • Post jobs and internship opportunities through the career services website
  • Create a custom internship program
  • Conduct a poster presentation and on-the-spot interviews
  • Conduct a career day just for your company at the School
  • Attend University career fairs
  • Host a Behind the Scenes tour (work with our team on identifying best fit candidates to come and visit your site)
  • Invite students to career fairs hosted by your company
  • Participate in our portfolio competition where you will have the opportunity to recruit top talent
  • Participate in Career Week
  • Facilitate a student workshop:
    • Finding your path/career goals
    • LinkedIn – Present to assist our students with connecting with industry professionals and creating their profiles
    • Resume writing
  • Hospitality Leadership Series – Give students the opportunity to hear from leaders in the hospitality industry about current trends and career path possibilities.
  • Participate in our Recruitment Roundtable & Networking Program to share your expertise and industry knowledge as well as recruit students/graduates for open positions
  • Allow professors to plan a classroom trip to your property
  • Day in the Life of Program – A shadowing program to help students understand the critical functions of a specific role within your organization.
  • Participate in the Executives in Hospitality Mentoring Program
Sponsor an event for students/alumni/industry.

For more information on how you can get involved, please contact Shivani Joshi, director of career services and corporate relations, at 305.919.451 or sjoshi@fiu.edu or Lourdes Gomez, assistant director of employer relations, at 305.919.4079 or logomez@fiu.edu.

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Partner with the career development program and hire Chaplin School students and graduates. For more information, contact the director of career development, Shivani Joshi, at sjoshi@fiu.edu.