Career Development Office

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Make the connection between academic experience and the desired career path with guidance from the Chaplin School’s dedicated career advisors. The career development program offers dedicated appointments with an advisor, access to industry partners and career opportunities, as well as networking opportunities and resume & interview workshops. 

Don’t miss out on our fall and spring career fairs every year, hosted right on campus with over 50 employers looking to hire our FIU Hospitality students!

Career Stats

  • 300+Employers visited Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management
  • 60+Events hosted on campus & virtually
  • 500+Internship positions filled by students
  • $54,000Chaplin School Bachelor's graduates average starting salaries ( as of 2024)
  • $65,000Chaplin School Master's graduates average starting salaries ( as of 2024)

Land your dream job at a FIU Hospitality Career Fair!

Questions? Want to Learn More?

Our Hospitality Careers Team is here to help you.

Panthers Hiring Panthers

Alumni are invited to make an impact by partnering with the Career Development Office to hire Chaplin School students and graduates.

Make an impact by:

  • Speaking at a Chaplin event or classroom
  • Becoming the subject of a student interview
  • Participating in the mock interview program to conduct in-person and virtual interviews.
  • Sponsoring a program or student activity on-campus or off-campus

To learn more please contact the Assistant Director of Employer Relations & Career development, Lourdes Gomez and Director of Alumni Relations Unit, Candice Imam.

Employers are looking for a workforce with these top skills

  • Career & Self-Development
    • Establish, maintain, and/or leverage relationships with people who can help one professionally like your career center or professors.
    • Seek and embrace development opportunities.
    • Voluntarily participate in further education, training, or other events to support one’s career.
  • Communication
    • Frame communication with respect to diversity of learning styles, varied individual communication abilities, and cultural differences.
    • Ask appropriate questions for specific information from supervisors, specialists, and others.
    • Promptly inform relevant others when needing guidance with assigned tasks.
  • Critical Thinking
    • Accurately summarize and interpret data with an awareness of personal biases that may impact outcomes.
    • Effectively communicate actions and rationale, recognizing the diverse perspectives and lived experiences of stakeholders.
    • Multi-task well in a fast-paced environment.
  • Equity and Inclusion
    • Seek global cross-cultural interactions and experiences that enhance one’s understanding of people from different demographic groups and that leads to personal growth.
    • Keep an open mind to diverse ideas and new ways of thinking.
    • Demonstrate flexibility by adapting to diverse environments.
  • Leadership
    • Join a student organization on campus such as BOH, NSMH and Bartender’s Guild
    • Motivate and inspire others by encouraging them and by building mutual trust.
    • Plan, initiate, manage, complete, and evaluate projects.
  • Professionalism
    • Maintain a positive personal brand in alignment with organization and personal career values.
    • Be present and prepared.
    • Demonstrate dependability (e.g., report consistently for work or meetings).
    • Prioritize and com
  • Teamwork
    • Effectively manage conflict, interact with and respect diverse personalities, and meet ambiguity with resilience.
    • Collaborate with others to achieve common goals.
    • Build strong, positive working relationships with supervisor and team members/coworkers.

Career Resources

Dive into essential topics with our curated videos covering LinkedIn optimization, mastering mock interviews, and perfecting your resume. You’ll be ready to conquer the job market with confidence!


Handshake is a modern career development platform that will be your one-stop shop for launching your career and keeping it on track. Login to Handshake using your FIU email.


Want instant feedback on your resume? VMock is a 24-7 online resume review tool, that leverages data science, machine learning, and natural language processing to provide instant personalized feedback. When you upload your resume, the platform assesses components such as action verbs, format, and how well the 5 core competencies (analytical, communication, leadership, teamwork and initiative) are reflected in your document.

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