Dale Gomez M.S.

Dale Gomez M.S.

Assistant Teaching Professor, The McKibbon ’75 Professorship in Hospitality Technology, Director of Information & Instructional Technology

Office: HM 364

Phone: 305-919-4554

Email: gomezd@fiu.edu

Expertise: Systems Administration and Application Implementation. Network and Database Management, Desktop Publishing and Website Design, Programming Languages, Audio and Video systems, Hospitality Information Technologies

Curriculum Vitae


Dale Gomez is the Assistant Teaching Professor, McKibbon ‘75 Endowed Professor, Director of Information & Instructional Technology at Florida International University’s Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management. Mr. Gomez has also taken the role of Online Learning Administrator and Global Technology Liaison for the University.

Mr. Gomez's Information Technology experience spans over 20 years. His primary responsibilities include providing technical leadership and support in the implementation of desktop administrative computing, networking management, media services and enterprise systems for the Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management. Mr. Gomez is member and secretary of the Faculty Senate Technology Committee and a board member of the FIU’s Information Technology Administrators Committee whose focus is the development of the computing initiatives that support University-wide technological advancements. In 2014 Mr. Gomez was named top 10 Heads of Higher Education by Tech Decisions and was awarded the 2014 BEST Integrators award for the School’s Wine Spectator Restaurant Management Lab.

Mr. Gomez is a graduate of Florida International University's College of Business. Mr. Gomez earned his Master of Science in Management Information Systems in August 2006, and his Bachelor of Business Administration in August 2002.

Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Mr. Gomez currently resides in Cooper City, Florida.