Hitesh Mehta, FRIBA, FASLA, FAAK, Associate AIA

Hitesh Mehta, FRIBA, FASLA, FAAK, Associate AIA

Executive in Residence, Global Sustainable Tourism Program

Email: hmehta@fiu.edu


Hitesh Mehta is the Executive in Residence at the Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management and brings with him both real world professional, and academic experience. Prof. Mehta, an award-winning sustainable tourism and ecotourism consultant, has worked/consulted in over sixty-seven countries in six continents and has been an adjunct Professor at the Chaplain school since 2000 where he has been teaching courses on Sustainable Tourism Practices, Authentic Ecotourism and Ecoresort Planning.

Prof. Mehta is considered by his peers as one of the world’s leading authorities, practitioners and researchers on ecotourism and sustainable tourism. Prof. Mehta was in: 2024, inducted in the Sustainable Tourism Hall of Fame by Sustainability Leaders United; 2015, a recipient of United Nations (UNEP/GFHS) “Outstanding Achievement Award” for his work with alleviating poverty and protecting sensitive ecosystems; 2006, identified by National Geographic as one of five Sustainable Tourism Pioneers.

In his capacity as Executive in Residence, Prof. Mehta will serve as an ambassador to promote awareness and knowledge of the Global Sustainable Tourism program and assist with curriculum development by providing input on industry-relevant skills and knowledge required by students, making sure that our curriculum aligns with current industry needs.