Study Abroad FAQs

For a list of current programs offered through the Chaplin School, please visit the Chaplin School’s Study Abroad website at  The Office of Study Abroad is also a good resource for finding other FIU study abroad and international exchange opportunities.

It depends on the program so check your program’s website for details.

Study Abroad and International Student Exchange (ISE) programs both have courses associated with them.

Our study abroad programs are usually faculty-led (you take a FIU class with a FIU professor during a study abroad program),  while international exchange requires enrollment at a partner university to earn credit. Oftentimes, you must speak the language of the destination country in order to participate in an international exchange program.

Many of the FIU study abroad programs allow all participants to pay in-state tuition rates, while students participating in an international exchange program would pay their regular FIU tuition rate.

Students who want to set up their own study abroad opportunities may do so through Third Party Program Approval Process with the Office of Study Abroad.

To sign up, access the webpage for your specific study abroad program for details about the program including dates, cost, and deadline for submitting required documents.  All Chaplin School study abroad programs are linked on the Study Abroad website for our department.  Other study abroad opportunities are available through FIU’s Office of Study Abroad.  Visit their website for details on how to sign up for non-Chaplin School programs.

International Student Exchange programs are coordinated through FIU’s Office of Study Abroad. Please contact the Study Abroad Office directly for details and deadlines for international student exchange programs.

If you have specific questions about one of the study abroad programs, please contact the Faculty Director listed on the program’s webpage, as linked on the Study Abroad website.

Check the Office of Study Abroad’s Fund Your Study Abroad Program page for possible funding opportunities. You may also find other opportunities online by doing a web search.

FIU and the Chaplin School may have additional study abroad scholarships available.  Visit the FIU scholarship database, AcademicWorks, for details.  (Hint:  Search “study abroad” and check this website often for new opportunities.)

Financial aid may cover the cost of your classes (i.e. tuition and fees), but it will most likely not cover the cost for your study abroad package (travel costs, accommodations, etc.).  Contact the Financial Aid Office directly for details.

Payments for study abroad programs are paid through your Student Account on  Some study abroad programs may require a deposit paid through another system.  Contact the Faculty Director for your study abroad program for details on payments and due dates for your program.

The required documents will be uploaded to the study abroad application system.  You may access StudioAbroad at (click login in the top, right corner).

FIU’s Office of Study Abroad is located at the Modesto Maidique Campus (MMC) in SASC 230.  While they do not have an office at BBC, they often conduct information sessions and events at BBC.

The Chaplin School offers a number of study abroad opportunities every year, as listed on our Study Abroad website.  At the Chaplin School, Dawn Fagnan works with the faculty to coordinate and administer the study abroad programs related to hospitality management.  Should you have general study abroad questions, you may contact Dawn at, 305.919.4513, or visit her office at BBC in HM 321C.  Questions about a specific study abroad program should be directed to the Faculty Director for the study abroad program, as listed on the program’s website.

Study abroad participants may earn A Hospitality Education Abroad Designation (AHEAD) by completing at least 9 credits during one or more Chaplin School study abroad programs. Students who complete the AHEAD program will receive a printed certificate. For details and to request your AHEAD certificate, visit the Get Ahead page.

The study abroad programs offered through the Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management are not available to be taken free of charge as a Senior Citizen Audit.

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