Graduate students

There are a number or scholarship opportunities available to incoming and current Chaplin School students each semester.

Discounts and scholarships

  • Corporate/Employer Scholarship

    Develop yourself as a leader and benefit from an exclusive scholarship opportunity through your employer  

    The Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management at FIU is committed to developing the current and future generations of leaders in the hospitality industry, and through our corporate partners, we award scholarships to students in the 100% online Master of Science in Hospitality Management program. 

    The master’s degree for employees of our partner organizations is available to support the growth and development of leaders who will innovate and drive the industry forward. Our master’s degree provides multiple specializations, allowing employees to develop skills across diverse sectors. 

    • Hospitality Management (General Specialization)
    • Executive Hospitality Management (for employees with managerial experience)
    • Cruise Line Operations
    • Mega Events
    • Real Estate Development
    • Revenue Management

    Through our corporate partners, employees benefit from the Corporate Partner Hospitality Master’s Degree Scholarship, an award of $2,455 exclusively available for students in the 100% online master's degree in hospitality management. This award is provided to students during the last semester while completing the degree. 


     Our Partners 
    (SEE ATTACHED - logos of partners)  


     Are you an employee of one of our Corporate Partners and wish to get started in the 100% online Master of Science in Hospitality Management? 

    Contact us for one-on-one guidance on navigating your next steps. 
    Contact web form – online leads go to FIU Online and on-campus goes to Hospitality team 



    Don’t see your employer’s logo on our partner list? Reach out to us. We are always looking to increase the impact we can make on the industry. 



    If you are interested in other programs that align better with your career goals, the Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management wants to help you.  Our diverse programs may be the steppingstone you need. 

    Online and On-campus Bachelor’s Degrees (links for programs below will have a dropdown for users to choose fully online or on-campus) 

    • Hospitality Management
    • Beverage Management (only available on-campus)
    • Entertainment & Events Management (only available on-campus)
    • Hotel/Lodging Management
    • Hospitality Leadership
    • Restaurant/Culinary Management
    • Spirits Management
    • Travel & Tourism Management
    • Global Sustainable Tourism

    On-Campus Master’s Degrees

    • Hospitality Management
    • Hospitality Real Estate Development
    • Mega Events 
  • Military/Veteran Discount

    A military/veteran discount is available for online graduate programs at the Chaplin School of Hosptiality & Tourism Management. Students can only be awarded one of the scholarships (corporate, military), which is applicable during their last semester of studies.

    To learn more, contact the Chaplin School’s Distance Learning Director, Joseph Cilli by e-mail at or call 305-919-4551.

  • Latin American and Caribbean Graduate Fellowship

    The Latin American and Caribbean Graduate Fellowship is designed to promote international education and research. Awards include a $1,000 annual stipend and a tuition rate reducation to in-state for the academic year. To learn more, contact the Chaplin School’s College Recruiter, Dana Foligno by email at, or call 305-919-4171.

    You may also find more information on the graduate school's website.