Distance Learning Handbook

  • Student Resources
  • Access FIU Accounts

    FIU currently employs a system allowing the same username and password to be used for multiple purposes. This system is called MyAccounts and is used to manage student account information as well as reset forgotten passwords. The Panther ID is the default username. The default password is your date of birth, in the format of DDMONYYY (i.e., 22May1980).

    MyAccounts controls the username and password for:

    • Canvas
    • MyFIU
    • PantherMail

    MyAccounts does not control access to FIU’s Library. For username or password issues on either of these systems, please contact technical support call 305.348.2284.


    Canvas is a Learning Management System. All distance learning courses are administered through Canvas.

    Once you successfully log in, you can change your password by clicking on Personal Information.

    You will also be able to view your current Course List (the courses you are currently enrolled in). You can access your courses one week before each semester begins to familiarize yourself with the Canvas environment and the syllabi for your courses. In doing so, students are better prepared to begin the course from day one of each semester.


    MyFIU is FIU’s financial and scheduling computer system. In MyFIU, students can register for courses, access  personal information, financial information, transcripts, and course schedules.

    Within MyFIU, students can also pay any outstanding fees. Each semester, students will be automatically enrolled in courses based on cohort and will be able to view the course schedule in MyFIU.


    All students enrolled at FIU who take at least one course in the current semester are assigned an FIU e-mail account. FIU e-mail accounts will be available 24 hours after registration. FIU’s e-mail system is called PantherMail and is powered by Google. All official University e-mail communications use PantherMail; therefore, it is extremely important that students check their FIU e-mail on regularly. The username and password is your MyAccounts username and password.

  • FIU Library

    The FIU Library has an online section specifically for distance learning students. A 14-digit code will be e-mailed to you at the beginning of your cohort. This number is used to gain access to library resources while off campus. The Distance Learning Librarian is Sarah Hammill and she can be reached at 305.348.2284.


    MyFIU is a student resource website. From MyFIU students can access many useful links, including:

    FIU Bookstore
    Academic Calendar
    Free Software for Students
    Registrar’s Office

  • Technical Support and Telephone Numbers
    Canvas https://canvas.fiu.edu/support/
    Video Support 305.919.4554
    Cohort Support 305.919.4551
    Advising 305.919.4551
    FIU Library 305.919.5604
    Panthersoft and PantherMail 305.348.2284
  • Cohort Schedule

    Currently the Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management offers two distance learning programs:

    • Executive Master of Science in Hospitality Management
    • Master of Science in Hospitality Management

    Each cohort has a set schedule designed to maximize the learning environment and synergy between courses. Each course is administered over an eight-week period and every semester, students take four courses. Courses are not offered in every term. Student who wish to take a semester off will fall outside of the set schedule, thereby potentially prolonging their program. A student may take one semester off without penalty. If a student is not enrolled in additional semesters, the student should notify the University Graduate School of their intended restart date and request a leave of absence.

  • Advising
    Since the program is designed as a cohort, all of your courses are predetermined and based on a set schedule. Contact the program director to receive permission numbers in order to enroll in courses. If you need to speak with an advisor, please contact the program director at 305.919.4551.
  • Textbooks
    Most courses have textbook requirements. Students should purchase all reading material prior to the beginning of class to ensure they are received before classes begin. If you have a question about textbook purchases, please contact the professor directly.
  • Financial Assistance
    To learn more about financial aid opportunities for graduate students, visit the Finance Your Education page on the University Graduate School website.
  • Immunization
    Since this is a fully online program, students will not be required to attend classes on campus; however, the University requires documentation of immunization. In most instances, a waiver will be submitted on the student’s behalf to have the immunization requirement waived.
  • Internship
    Graduate students must complete 1,000 hours of hospitality related practical training work experience plus 300 hours for the Graduate Internship. A minimum of 800 hours must be completed while enrolled in the graduate program at FIU. Students with prior experience may request a waiver for all or part of this requirement.  To document work hours, download the Employment Verification Form. The form must be submitted to the advising office prior to enrolling in HFT 6946 Graduate Internship course.  Students with extensive industry management experience may request to waive up to 1,000 hours of work experience. Appropriate forms and documentation must be provided. To request a waiver, download the Internship/Work Hours Waiver form. Approval is subject to review.
  • Technical Requirements
    • Internet connection with a minimum of 3Mbps download speed
    • Flash (except for iPhone and iPad)
    • Java
    • Microsoft PowerPoint or Viewer

    *Firefox is the preferred internet browser for Canvas.