Additional Courses Available

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence and Personal Power
This can be delivered as a keynote address or workshop involving interactive exercises focused on increasing self-awareness, taking responsibility, and changing self-defeating beliefs.

Event Design
Learn to use design thinking concepts to create relevant, meaningful, and impactful events that meet the needs of key stakeholders. 

Event Operations
Explore the command, control, coordinate, and communication elements crucial for safe and successful event delivery.

Hospitality Technology Design Thinking and Innovation
This course delves into systemic and strategic approaches to fostering innovation within the hospitality sector. It provides participants with practical, hands-on experiences in the application of design thinking principles and leadership skills to address and solve complex business challenges. Additionally, the curriculum explores the integration of emerging technologies and their impact on service enhancement, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Through collaborative projects and real-world case studies, participants will learn to ideate, prototype, and implement innovative solutions tailored to the dynamic needs of the hospitality industry. 

Improving communication skills
Effective listening, confrontation, and win/win problem solving.  This workshop will involve participants developing competencies for improved communication and negotiation skills. 

Inspiration & Staff Development
This course will guide managers to inspire employees through the strategic efforts of staff development. The course focuses on concepts to inspire staff, provide motivational opportunities and to keep associates engaged.  Collectively, the strategies will support managers in developing their employees for improved retention and employee satisfaction. 

Introduction to Event Management
Gain foundational knowledge in designing, planning, coordinating, delivering, and evaluating events. 

In this woman in hospitality leadership class, students develop critical thinking capabilities, problem-solving abilities, and communication skills through analyzing and creatively solving fundamental challenges faced in the hospitality industry. They also learn to professionally communicate the research process and the solutions conducted on hospitality issues. Additionally, participants gain an understating of fundamental leadership principles and apply them to their lives. Finally, we examine all these practices through the lens of female leaders in hospitality.

This course concentrates on general principles, techniques, and concepts of hospitality marketing and its role in developing customer and service-oriented managerial approaches in a hospitality organization. It is designed to provide the participant with a working knowledge of the marketing process in the hospitality industry and the interrelationships between marketing decisions, marketing research, buyer behavior, product strategy, channels of distribution, promotional activities, and pricing decisions. The primary goal is to enable participants to evaluate, describe, and design marketing activities and synthesize marketing theories and concepts. 

Marketing for GM's & Executive Team Members
This workshop is designed to provide managers with the knowledge, insights and abilities that will enable them to recognize, utilize and optimize marketing techniques that can have significant impact topline performance.  It also provides approaches that can assist with enhancing collaboration with marketing team members in designing and deploying marketing strategies designed to boost revenue.

Organizational Culture
The objective of this course is to evaluate an organization's culture and identify its strengths and weaknesses, enhance the ability to cultivate a culture that aligns with the organization's goals and strategies, create strategies for improving the effectiveness of the current organizational culture, and build skills in developing strategies for transforming an organization's culture. 

Revenue Management and Hospitality Analytics
Formulating tactical pricing decisions to maximize revenues for hospitality organizations. Topics include: history of revenue management, reservation systems, forecasting demand, inventory control, cost analysis, pricing strategy, revenue management tactics, Hotel Math analysis of historical data and trends.

Stress Management and Employee Wellness
The objective of this course is to improve your ability to identify personal and work-related stressors and understand how they influence your stress responses in different situations, learn to create and implement strategies to better cope with stressful work environments, and develop the skills to design and execute stress management strategies and programs for employees in real-world organizations. 

Training for Team Building
This workshop will include several warmups, initiatives and debriefing to improve trust, decision making, problem solving and group communication. A review of the concepts from Patrick Lencioni’s book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team is an optional focus.

Please contact us directly for pricing and availability of courses.  We offer customization for corporate clients; our goal is to meet your needs of training and education to support your team!