BS in Hospitality Management

The Chaplin School offers a bachelor of science degree in Hospitality Management both fully online and on-campus.

With your degree from the Chaplin School, you'll set yourself apart from the crowd by gaining real-world knowledge from one of the top hospitality schools in the country. Whether you chose to do the online or on-campus tracks, our curriculum is designed to help you excel in the hospitality industry with a solid foundation in business management, finance, logistics, accounting and operations.

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Program at a glance

  • Ranked the #6 program in the US by QS World University Rankings
  • We have the most graduates earning the highest starting salaries compared to any other Florida State University hospitality program
  • State of the Art Facilities  
  • Opportunity to take part in the South Beach Wine & Food Festival SOBEWFF®
    • A national, star-studded, five-day destination event showcasing the talents of the world’s most renowned wine and spirits producers, chefs, and culinary personalities.

Hospitality Management careers

  • Hotel General Manager
  • Food Service Manager
  • Entertainment Manager
  • Convention Resort Front of House Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Cruise Operations Manager
  • Revenue Manager
  • Hotel Development Entrepreneur
  • Lodging Manager

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Required Courses

Lower Division Preparation – 60 Credits

To qualify for admission to the hospitality program, FIU transfer students with 60 credits must have a minimum 2.0 GPA and must be otherwise acceptable into the program. Students with less than 60 transfer credits need to meet the freshman criteria established by the university.

All University Core Curriculum requirements must be completed prior to graduation from the university.

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
HFT 1000Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Management*3
HFT 2220Human Resource Management for the Hospitality Industry*3
HFT 2401Accounting for the Hospitality Industry*3
HFT 2441Hospitality Information Technology*3
ECO 2013Macroeconomicsor ECO 2023 Microeconomics
Also meets the UCC Social Inquiry Requirement
SPC 2608Public Speaking*
Also meets the UCC Arts Requirement

Courses listed with an * indicate courses that can be met by approved courses taken from a transfer institution. If these courses are not taken prior to transferring into program, they may be completed as elective credits as part of the degree program.

Core courses

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
HFT 1070Hospitality Pathway to Success I (Must enroll during your first semester as a Hospitality Student)1
HFT 3072Hospitality Pathway to Success II (Prereq: HFT 1070 and minimum 60 credits earned)1
FSS 3230CIntroductory Commercial Food Production3
FSS 4234CAdvanced Food Production Management (Prereq: FSS3230C)3
HFT 3263Restaurant Management3
HFT 3453Lodging Operations Control3
HFT 3503Hospitality Marketing Strategies- GL3
HFT 3603Law for the Hospitality Industry – GL 3
HFT 4323Hospitality Facilities Management – GL3
HFT 4413Hospitality Analytics and Revenue Management3
HFT 4464Financial Analysis in the Hospitality Industry (Prereq: HFT 2401) 3
HFT 4474Management Accounting For the Hospitality Industry  (Prereq: HFT 2401) 3
HFT 4294Senior Seminar in the Hospitality Industry (Must be taken last semester)3

Choose one of the following with advisor approval: 

  • HFT 4945 - ADVANCED INTERNSHIP – 300 HOURS TO BE COMPLETED WHILE ENROLLED (Prereq: HFT 3072 + completion of 500 hours + offer letter to enroll)  
  • or  HFT 3941 - HOSPITALITY INTERNSHIP – 500 HOURS TO BE COMPLETED WHILE ENROLLED (Prereq: HFT 3072 + completion of 500 hours + approval from Career Development

Additional Requirements

Hospitality Electives – 18-30 Credits

Electives can be chosen from any 3000/4000 level HFT or FSS course. If desired, students may choose any of the following six major areas to meet 18 of the 30 required elective credits.

  • General hospitality management courses
    Course NumberCourse NameCredits
    HFT/FSSUpper Division Course (3XXX/4XXX)3
    HFT/FSS Upper Division Course (3XXX/4XXX)3
    HFT/FSS  Upper Division Course (3XXX/4XXX)3
    HFT/FSSUpper Division Course (3XXX/4XXX)3
  • Beverage management courses
    Course NumberCourse NameCredits
    HFT 3861Beverage Fundamentals3
    HFT 3864Introduction to Brewing Science3
    HFT 3866Wine Technology, Merchandising, and Marketing3
    HFT 4867The Business of Wine3
  • Entertainment management courses
    Course NumberCourse NameCredits
    HFT 4376Introduction to Entertainment Management3
    HFT 3370Entertainment Law3
    HFT 3392Entertainment at Venues3
    HFT 3393Entertainment Tour Management3
  • Event management courses
    Course NumberCourse NameCredits
    HFT 3741Planning Meetings and Conventions3
    HFT 3753Convention & Trade Show Management
    HFT 4508 Group Business Sales and Services
    HFT 3754Expositions and Events Management3
    HFT 4757Advanced Events Management
    Pre-requisite: HFT 3754
  • Hotel lodging management courses
    Course NumberCourse NameCredits
    HFT 3314Hospitality Property Management3
    HFT 4240Managing Service Organizations3
    HFT 4936Hotel Management Seminar3
    HFT 4508Group Business Sales and Services3
  • Restaurant culinary management courses

    Choose 4 of the following:

    Course NumberCourse NameCredits
    FSS 4106Purchasing and Menu Planning3
    HFT 4802CCatering Management3
    FSS 4833Culinary Innovation3
    HFT 4853F&B Trends and Challenges3
    FSS 3073International Baking3
    FSS 3242CInternational Cuisine3
    FSS 4336Culinary Event Management3
  • Spirits management courses
    Course NumberCourse NameCredits
    HFT 3861Spirits Fundamentals3
    HFT 3811Beverage Marketing and Distribution3
    HFT 4064Beverage Entrepreneurship3
    HFT 3613Beverage Management Law3
  • Travel and tourism courses
    Course NumberCourse NameCredits
    HFT 3713International Travel and Tourism
    (Global Learning course)
    HFT 3701Sustainable Tourism Practices
    (Global Learning course)
    HFT 3733Tour Production and Distribution3
    HFT 4509Tourism Destination Marketing3


A minor is not required for the BS in Hospitality Management degree, however students may elect a minor if they choose to. Students may choose to minor in the following areas:

  • Beverage Management
  • Hotel/Lodging Management
  • Restaurant/Foodservice Management
  • Travel & Tourism Management

Students who are not in the Hospitality Management degree program may choose 12 credits from any of the course offerings to create their own minor according to their particular interests.

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Industry experience requirement

A minimum of 500 documented hours of hospitality/tourism-related practical training work experience is required. In addition, the student is required to complete one of the internship available: 300 hours in HFT 4945 Advanced Internship, or 500 hours of hospitality/tourism related practical training work experience in HFT 3941.

Either of the two internship options must be major related and approved by an advisor. Work experience documentation is required. Students with extensive industry management experience may apply for a waiver of the 1,000-hour work experience and Advanced Internship.

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